LTC McChrystal, CDR, 2/75

Members of Lead The Way Fund,

On behalf of 2d Ranger Battalion, CSM Boyer and I cannot thank you enough for the continued support and dedication to our Rangers and their families. Your quick response in getting the members of the Meddock family out to see Cameron in his final moments is something I am sure they will never forget. We, as well as the family, are extremely grateful.  We would love to host you here on the compound in the near future. 

Very Respectfully, 

Robert McChrystal

CDR/ 2/75 

Melissa Coday

Dear Lead The Way Fund, 

Thank you for the check I recently received from the Fund, covering my rental car expense while at JBLM in Tacoma, WA at my Ranger son’s bedside. He was receiving medical care at Madigan Medical Center from December 2 – December 18th. 

My son, SSG Roderick Coday, was wounded in a close combat situation in Afghanistan on November 24th, it was his 5th deployment. He was shot in his right dominant hand. He still has all his fingers and his thumb, but the damage to his hand was severe. 

Thankfully, he’s going to be fine long term. He’s undergone 8 surgeries to date including a skin graft and bone graft, and he’s finally on the road to recovery. He has up to a year of rehab ahead of him but I know he’ll attack it with the same focus and dedication that being a Ranger has taught him. His surgeon anticipates he will regain about 85%-90% function in the hand and thumb. We’re extremely grateful that his injuries weren’t more severe and that he is alive and on the mend. 

Your very generous donation during this very stressful time eased my mind considerably. I made a second trip back to WA two weeks ago to take care of him after his final surgery. Your kind donation really helped to defray the considerable unanticipated travel expense. 

The Fund also provided my son with a generous donation right after he was wounded; that money helped him with unanticipated living expenses as he got settled back at JBLM.  I believe he thanked the founder of the Fund in person by phone, but I wanted to express my appreciation as well, it really made a difference for him. 

Rangers Lead The Way!

Melissa Coday 


Betty Palmer

Dear Lead The Way Fund, 

I do not know how to address or thank you for the generous Casualty Assistance Grant. I remain unable to express my gratitude and regard for the man and unexpected acts of generosity, kindness and support that has come my way. I am particularly touched by the degrees of care from the Rangers, their extended organizations and family/families. 

It is inadequate to send a simple card.  I hope to convey my appreciation and to acknowledge the impact of the fund. 


Betty Palmer 

The Vawter / Brehm Family

Dear Jim, Mary, Jill and Staff. 

We would like to give you our heartfelt thanks for all your hard work in honoring Dale (Sgt. Dale Brehm).  Words cannot express our appreciation. The event was moving and brought us much comfort.  

Thank you for remembering and honoring Dale. 

Yours truly, 

Ed & Laura Vawter and Family, Pete & Raini (Brehm) Gomez and Family 

Mrs. Kris Brown

Dear Jim & Mary,

I have sat down to write a version of this note many times and I can never come up with the right words to express myself, but I feel compelled to try and put into words what the Lead The Way Fund contributions have meant to 1/75 during our time here.  Your efforts have completely reduced the volunteer burnout to near 0%. The Leaders don’t have to spend our team at bake sales and car washes. we can just concentrate on bringing our folks into the Ranger family, giving them the resources they need and creating this family atmosphere by having fun together at the events we are able to plan and have because of your donations.

As someone who has grown up in the Army, and done it herself, I can tell you without any amount of hesitation what you are doing for us makes an enormous difference to our people. I’ve never been in a Unit so well taken care of by a philanthropic organization.  We were able to have countless company parties, two fall festivals, 2 Christmas parties, 2 volunteer recognition ceremonies, a gun safety class, two cross fit classes, self defense classes, childcare and the list goes on and on!

You have helped bring us closer because people show up and have fun together, forging the relationships that are so valuable. We are a tight bunch and I hope you feel as proud as I do knowing you all helped make that happen.

We absolutely love you and what you’ve been able to help us accomplish.


Kris Brown

Miranda Fisher Briggs

I do not even know the words to begin this letter. My daughter and I are so thankful for you and all of the amazing work that the Lead The Way Fund does. Serving in the 1st Battalion was my husband’s ultimate pride. The times I saw him the happiest were his days in Regiment and the day our daughter was born.

I honestly have no idea what we would have done had we not met you. You went above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of during this difficult time. There are some things in life that you have no way of preparing for. We absolutely fell into a grey zone of waiting on benefits, fighting to reinstate life insurance and of processing the loss of Garrett. Your help and support has ensured that my daughter and I were provided for as these resources kicked in.

I can feel my husband’s love and pride in Ranger Regiment grow as he looks down and see all of the help we are receiving.

Bless you for everything, we will never forget what you’ve done for us.

Love, Miranda