Charlie Company, from within the 1st Ranger Battalion, would like to fully extend our true thankfulness and appreciation for the generous donation that you have made to our Company’s Family Readiness Group. Our Company has worked hard throughout the last year, holding many Company fundraisers with the hopes to raise enough funds so that we may provide positive activities and events for the families within our Company. We can honestly say that without your gracious donation, we would not have been able to provide the amount of morale events within the past year that we did; and we are completely humbled by your generosity and kindness.

Because of your donation, we have been able to provide numerous events for the wives and family members of our Rangers during the multiple deployments that are experienced as “routine” among Ranger families. Our Company FRG has been able to extend invitations to family dinners, seasonal festivities and other social events that help to create a sense of “normalcy” during a very abnormal time for so many within our Company. The Fall Festival that we held during deployment helped to bring together wives and children for fun activities, as well as create an opportunity for the social and emotional bonding that is crucial during times of deployment and separation from our loved ones. The monthly dinners that we have been able to provide help to bring together the wives within our Company and have ultimately helped to create friendships that will last not only during deployments, but for a lifetime.

We have also been able to utilize the funds that you and the Lead The Way Fund have donated in order to send our condolences to family members of our Fallen Rangers. Throughout this past year, we have experience a tremendous amount of compassion towards the families of the three Rangers that our own Company has lost: SSG Kevin Pape, SGT Martin Lugo and SPC Christopher Wright; and it has been through the use of your donation that we have been able to express our emotions and support through the purchasing of flowers and personal gifts for these incredible families.

I do not feel as though we will ever be able to express, through words, what your generous donation has been able to afford us; but we can honestly say that the opportunities that we have been able to offer our Ranger families would not have been possible without the presence of your donation and the presence of your kindness and compassion. Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you do for the families of Rangers; your continuous gifts help to create bonds, experiences and memories that strengthen us both as individuals and as a whole within the entire Ranger Family.


Charlie Company Family Readiness Group – 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment