Ranger For Life Transition Programs

Our Rangers are among the most disciplined and skilled Warriors in the world and we are dedicated to helping them utilize their ingrained skills by empowering them to thrive in careers and at top Universities around the country. When Rangers make the decision not to re-enlist in the Regiment after a long and successful military career, the transition back to civilian life can be challenging.

Through our Transition Programs, we are committed to helping our Rangers through the reintegration process, ensuring that they achieve their goals of a rewarding and prosperous civilian life.

Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund’s Collegiate Access Program (CAP) & Graduate Access Program (GAP) provide transitioning Rangers interested in advanced education with valuable tools and resources to help them navigate the complicated process of selecting and applying to top-level universities.

  • Test prep assistance.
  • Application & essay editing assistance.
  • Travel and expense reimbursement after completion of the Warrior Scholar Program and on-site interviews.
  • Personalized assistance with class selection, housing arrangements and resolving any medical issues.
  • Access to scholarships and fellowships for Rangers in undergrad and graduate school.
  • Access to internship and job programs for Rangers attending college through CAP.



Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund is excited to announce the launch of the Ranger Activation & Mentor Program (RAMP), an initiative built FOR Rangers, BY Rangers. Our goal is to enlist the help of transitioned Ranger and civilian mentors who are willing to provide guidance and assistance to transitioning and already transitioned veterans of the 75th Ranger Regiment through:

o Coaching and access to industry
o Assistance in entry to federal employment
o Guidance in the undergraduate admissions process
o Guidance in the graduate admissions process
o Entrepreneurship
o Tradesmanship

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