CEMA CO. RMIB of the 75th Ranger Regiment sent in a handwritten thank you to the Regan family and the LTWF Team, showing thier graduitude for all the support for the Rangers and their families.

NY Islanders Give Back- Kyle Palmieri Foundation

The Kyle Palmieri Foundation works to give back to the patriots who put their lives on the line to preserve our freedoms. While there is no way to adequately thank active and veteran service members and their families for the sacrifices they have made, we do our best to show our sincerest appreciation by raising funds for programs that benefit the military community.

On November 26th, The Palmieri Foundation reserved 20 seats right behind the Isalnder’s goal in USB Arena. LTWF Staff gathered up 8 local men who served their time in the Ranger Regiment to enjoy this special gift! The Islanders won the game and the Rangers received a free hat signed by Kyle Palmieri himself! Thank you Kyle and the NY Islanders for giving back to our Heroes! 

3/75 Regiment Events 2022

LTWF covers all 3 Battalions of the Ranger Regiment and provides funds all across each of them. One of the best parts about funding events amd battalion related things, are the pictures and the smiles we see on the faces of the Rangers and their Families. All of these events are funded with the help of all of our amazing donors and supporters. Please scroll down to check out all the amazing pictures capatured from these holiday events!

3/75 Regiment Events

The 3rd Ranger Battalion is Jimmy’s home Battalion and known as the largest out of the three. This year LTWF helped to fund many amazing Regimental events such as Ranger & Family retreats, Holiday Parties, Regiment Expo’s and many more! Click through the pictures below to see more event images!

2/75 Regiment Events 2022

LTWF covers all 3 Battalions of the Ranger Regiment and provides funds all across each of them. One of the best parts about funding events amd battalion related things, are the pictures and the smiles we see on the faces of the Rangers and their Families. All of these events are funded with the help of all of our amazing donors and supporters. Please scroll down to check out all the amazing pictures capatured from these holiday events!

Thanks again for all supporting our battalion events. Despite the rain we had a great turnout. The nurf gun zombie shoot house was by far the fan favorite. I was the fairy godmother this year!

Angela Klein

FRG, 2nd Ranger Battalion

1/75 Regiment Events 2022

LTWF covers all 3 Battalions of the Ranger Regiment and provides funds all across each of them. One of the best parts about funding events amd battalion related things, are the pictures and the smiles we see on the faces of the Rangers and their Families. All of these events are funded with the help of all of our amazing donors and supporters. Please scroll down to check out all the amazing pictures capatured from these holiday events!

CAP/GAP Social Week

During the week of 11/14/22-11/18/22, LTWF shared on their social media platforms all about the CAP/GAP program. This program is focused on transitioning Rangers who are leaving the Military and carrying on with their future endeavors. Education is one of the most important next steps for these soldiers and LTWF is there to assist and guide them to a successful path. 

Lax All Stars Article 2022

Lax All Stars Article

Thank you to the Lax All Stars for sharing this amazing article. As you scroll through, you may stop and notice our own SGT James J Regan. Lacrosse always played a crucial role in Jimmy’s life, success and decisions. We can not thank the lacrosse community enough for all the support throughout the years that is still show for Jimmy and our organization. Without this community we would not be able to live on Jimmy’s legacy and continue to do the amazing things we do for Rangers and their Families. Thank you to all who read this article, impacted Jimmy through this community/sport over the years and making our mission possible!

Thank You All Who Attended Jimmy’s Run 2022

Thank You All Who attended Jimmy's run 2022

On September 11, 2022, Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund hosted Jimmy’s Run and Gold Star Memorial in Munsey Park, Manhasset. We had the privilege of hosting 15+ Rangers from the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment to attend this special day. In addition, there were over 500 people in attendance. Those who participated in Jimmy’s Run/Walk had the honor to stroll through Jimmy’s hometown of Manhasset where they were guided down memory lane. They passed the home Jimmy grew up in, the elementary school he attended and the field that was named in his honor. Participants also had the opportunity to partake in other activities after the run concluded. There were several family fun activities in the parking lot such as, face painting, live entertainment from the Meade brothers, food and more!

Hosting the event on September 11th this year, was especially important because not only were we able to gather to honor SGT James J. Regan, but all those precious lives lost on the horrific day of 9/11. We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate, honor and remember all the lives lost and still affected by the horrible events on September 11, 2001.

Lead The Way Fund is dedicated to being heavily focused on the individual challenges of transition and the mental health and well-being of our Rangers and their families. Everyone’s support goes a long way in helping us continue our enduring support for the Rangers and families of the 75th Ranger Regiment. This is not possible without the support of those who were involved in Jimmy’s Run and Gold Star Memorial and Run. We hope to see plenty of you in the future as you continue to Help Us, Help Them. Please consider attending our upcoming events or donating on our website, www.leadthewayfund.org.  Rangers Lead The Way!gers Lead The Way!

Thank You Plaques Ceremony- Jimmy’s Run 2021

Thank You Plaques For Jimmy Run 2021

In September of 2021, LTWF decided to change the annual Jimmy’s Run down Heroes Highway to Jimmy’s home town of Manhassett. Although this was new for everyone, the turn out was beyond any expectations. The day was filled with over 400 people where they ran through the streets of Manhasset and later were entertained with games, food, a band and many other events taking place in the parking lot of Munsey Park. This event was not able to take place without the tremdendous help of the people pictured below. LTWF recognized Munsey Park, The Town of North Hempstead, Manhasset- Lakeville Fire Department and the Manhasset Park District. Without the help from Mark Sauvigne, Kevin Weigand, Barbara Donno, Larry Ceriello and many others, this day would not have been possible. LTWF is loking forward to making this the new tradiotion for Jimmy’s Run and excited for the 2022 event!

2022 NYC Half Marathon Runner- Dan Furstenberg

2022 NYC Half Marathon Runner- Dan Furstenberg

In this year’s 2022 NYC Marathon we faced some challenges with participation due to lack of interest as a result in the spike of covid. As an organization, this is not something we have experienced and were devastated to see the effects this pandemic has on the world. Just when we thought we were down, Dan Furstenberg came along and went above and beyond any expectations ever set. Dan single handedly raised over $50k as our single runner. We asked Dan to write a short quote about his experience of joining and running with Team Army Ranger and we were touched by his kind words and genuine heart. It is people like Dan who are able to Help Us Help Them with the extraordinary support!


3rd Battalion Thank You Letter

Holiday Gift Card Thank You- 3rd Ranger Battalion

During the Holiday season it means nothing more to LTWF than to provide our Rangers and their Families with all we possibly can. This 2021 Holiday Season we were able to provide tremendous support for our Rangers in each Battalion by sending them gift cards. Our Rangers don’t miss the chance to thank us for this generous support by sending us back written letters, notes and postcards. Displayed below is the acknowledgment letter from the 3rd Ranger Battalion.

Without the support from all of YOU, none of this is possible! We thank all of our donors, participants, volunteers, etc.. for all that you do!


Thank You Shootout Long Island!

Shootout For Soldiers Long Island 2021

After the pandemic cancelled just about every event worldwide, this year’s Shootout For Soldiers came back better and stronger. This non-profit focus’s on using lacrosse as a way to support American Veterans and foster community engagement. There are nation wide events held and we are lucky enough to be a charity sponsor in the Long Island event, that takes place at the Field of Dreams in Massapequa Park. On this 24 hour event day, we are joined by a large amount of teams that range in ages starting at 5 years old to some participants in their 50s. There are plenty of vendors set up for people to participate in raffles, buy clothing, raise awareness or donate to any local charities that are present.

This year Shootout Long Island raised over $178,000! We can not thank this organation enough for their kind gestures of donating back to Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund. With this support Shootout is helping us help our Rangers.

Sam Vachris- Leading The Way

Sam Vachris- Leading The Way

At only 13 years old, Sam Vachris brought it upon himself to help support Lead The Way Fund during his towns community day. Sam himself raised $1,700 at this event, sharing the organization’s mission by handing out brochures, stickers, pens, etc.

Sam’s parents kindly matched his fundraising amounts to come up with a $3,400 donation for LTWF.
Without the support from people and families like these, nothing we do is possible!

SFRG Video Tribute

Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund understands the strain and stress the families of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment endure and conservation of the family unit is paramount for the morale and focus of our Rangers.

When a Ranger is deployed, so is his family. The long separations can be challenging and strenuous on everyone. Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), consisting of family members and other volunteers associated with a particular unit, act as First-Responders that serve to enhance the well-being, morale and esprit de corp of the unit.

Through our Ranger Family Health, Wellness and Morale Program, we are able to support the FRGs in ALL companies within the Regiment with significant yearly donations to pay for these all-important family morale-boosting activities so they do not have to.

Thank you to the Senior FRG leaders of the 2d Ranger Battalion for this special tribute video! As long as your families are in the fight, we will be there to support you!

And THANK YOU to our supporters because we could not continue to do this without you!


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rye

To all who made our visit with our son possible, 

Thank you so very much! It was very good to be able to spend time with Ben. Being in a Vet home for him at such a young age because of the brain injury he has is a rough ordeal but he seems to have adjusted and has a lot of men supporting him. 

We were glad to be able to see this and really appreciate you for helping us get out to see him. We know it will be what it is. 

We are so very thankful for an organization like you to help those like us who just don’t have the resources to travel and see their son or daughter who has fallen in harm’s way. 

Again wethank you in a big and might way. 

As Ben’s father, like my wife said – you all are a real blessing. Jan and I thank you lovingly. 

Jan and Mike Rye. 

Stevie Meddock

I want to thank everyone at Lead The Way Fund for your kindness and overwhelming generosity during this difficult time in my life. 

I have been amazed at the love and appreciation shown for my husband and the sacrifice he made. I have been even more amazed by the the support show to me in the past few months, especially from the Ranger family. 

Thank you again, 

Stevie Meddock 

MSG Alex Wright

Thank you for the support your organization has provided to my family over the last couple of years as my wife fought her battle with multiple myeloma. She lost her fight 109 days ago. Nothing prepares you for this kind of loss, but the assistance you provided helped us tremendously, and allowed her to devote more of her precious energy to fighting the disease. I cannot find the words to properly express my gratitude. You are doing great things for people in their times of need, and I thank you for it.

Alex Wright MSG (Retired) Aco, Bco, HHC 2/75

LTC McChrystal, CDR, 2/75

Members of Lead The Way Fund,

On behalf of 2d Ranger Battalion, CSM Boyer and I cannot thank you enough for the continued support and dedication to our Rangers and their families. Your quick response in getting the members of the Meddock family out to see Cameron in his final moments is something I am sure they will never forget. We, as well as the family, are extremely grateful.  We would love to host you here on the compound in the near future. 

Very Respectfully, 

Robert McChrystal

CDR/ 2/75 

Melissa Coday

Dear Lead The Way Fund, 

Thank you for the check I recently received from the Fund, covering my rental car expense while at JBLM in Tacoma, WA at my Ranger son’s bedside. He was receiving medical care at Madigan Medical Center from December 2 – December 18th. 

My son, SSG Roderick Coday, was wounded in a close combat situation in Afghanistan on November 24th, it was his 5th deployment. He was shot in his right dominant hand. He still has all his fingers and his thumb, but the damage to his hand was severe. 

Thankfully, he’s going to be fine long term. He’s undergone 8 surgeries to date including a skin graft and bone graft, and he’s finally on the road to recovery. He has up to a year of rehab ahead of him but I know he’ll attack it with the same focus and dedication that being a Ranger has taught him. His surgeon anticipates he will regain about 85%-90% function in the hand and thumb. We’re extremely grateful that his injuries weren’t more severe and that he is alive and on the mend. 

Your very generous donation during this very stressful time eased my mind considerably. I made a second trip back to WA two weeks ago to take care of him after his final surgery. Your kind donation really helped to defray the considerable unanticipated travel expense. 

The Fund also provided my son with a generous donation right after he was wounded; that money helped him with unanticipated living expenses as he got settled back at JBLM.  I believe he thanked the founder of the Fund in person by phone, but I wanted to express my appreciation as well, it really made a difference for him. 

Rangers Lead The Way!

Melissa Coday 


Betty Palmer

Dear Lead The Way Fund, 

I do not know how to address or thank you for the generous Casualty Assistance Grant. I remain unable to express my gratitude and regard for the man and unexpected acts of generosity, kindness and support that has come my way. I am particularly touched by the degrees of care from the Rangers, their extended organizations and family/families. 

It is inadequate to send a simple card.  I hope to convey my appreciation and to acknowledge the impact of the fund. 


Betty Palmer 

The Vawter / Brehm Family

Dear Jim, Mary, Jill and Staff. 

We would like to give you our heartfelt thanks for all your hard work in honoring Dale (Sgt. Dale Brehm).  Words cannot express our appreciation. The event was moving and brought us much comfort.  

Thank you for remembering and honoring Dale. 

Yours truly, 

Ed & Laura Vawter and Family, Pete & Raini (Brehm) Gomez and Family 

Mrs. Kris Brown

Dear Jim & Mary,

I have sat down to write a version of this note many times and I can never come up with the right words to express myself, but I feel compelled to try and put into words what the Lead The Way Fund contributions have meant to 1/75 during our time here.  Your efforts have completely reduced the volunteer burnout to near 0%. The Leaders don’t have to spend our team at bake sales and car washes. we can just concentrate on bringing our folks into the Ranger family, giving them the resources they need and creating this family atmosphere by having fun together at the events we are able to plan and have because of your donations.

As someone who has grown up in the Army, and done it herself, I can tell you without any amount of hesitation what you are doing for us makes an enormous difference to our people. I’ve never been in a Unit so well taken care of by a philanthropic organization.  We were able to have countless company parties, two fall festivals, 2 Christmas parties, 2 volunteer recognition ceremonies, a gun safety class, two cross fit classes, self defense classes, childcare and the list goes on and on!

You have helped bring us closer because people show up and have fun together, forging the relationships that are so valuable. We are a tight bunch and I hope you feel as proud as I do knowing you all helped make that happen.

We absolutely love you and what you’ve been able to help us accomplish.


Kris Brown

Miranda Fisher Briggs

I do not even know the words to begin this letter. My daughter and I are so thankful for you and all of the amazing work that the Lead The Way Fund does. Serving in the 1st Battalion was my husband’s ultimate pride. The times I saw him the happiest were his days in Regiment and the day our daughter was born.

I honestly have no idea what we would have done had we not met you. You went above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of during this difficult time. There are some things in life that you have no way of preparing for. We absolutely fell into a grey zone of waiting on benefits, fighting to reinstate life insurance and of processing the loss of Garrett. Your help and support has ensured that my daughter and I were provided for as these resources kicked in.

I can feel my husband’s love and pride in Ranger Regiment grow as he looks down and see all of the help we are receiving.

Bless you for everything, we will never forget what you’ve done for us.

Love, Miranda

Therese Ryan

Thank you all for your help in getting my children and I airfare to and from Savannah at the passing of my husband. I will never forget your kindness when we just didn’t know what to do next. My husband’s passion in life was serving our country as an Army Ranger (as was your sons)! My husband was devastated when he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and couldn’t stay in Battalion any longer. I will also never forget the years you sent gift cards to our children at Christmas. I am so grateful and will never forget the kindness you have bestowed on my family.- T. Ryan

SSG Thomas Testimonal

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Please accept my thanks for your outstanding support of 3d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment during our recent deployment in support of Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL.

I was injured during combat operations in Afghanistan on the 15th of June this year. I arrived at Walter Reed about a week later and one of the first people to come see me was
a representative from your organization. I cannot thank you enough for being there for my wife and child, helping her and assisting with her needs. I appreciate the former
Rangers and supporters coming in for moral support.

I am happy to tell you that my recovery has been going very well and I hope to be returned to duty very soon. Thanks to you and many others my morale remains very high,
my recovery remains rapid and I’ll soon be able to continue to pursue the enemies of our nation.

Once again, I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have, not only shown me and my family during my time at Walter Reed, but the support you have shown
the 75th Ranger Regiment throughout the years. In these troubled times of our country, your organization has shown me and many others what we continue to fight for.

SSG Thomas

Stacy Wheeler

Thank you Lead The Way Fund!! Words cannot express how helpful your wonderful donation was at our time of need. We are all so grateful for your organization. You let us know how much you care.

The Wheeler Family

Pesce Family

Sean Pesce

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Sean. By helping him, you are making our hearts smile because it is allowing him to live a fuller life. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

Forever grateful – The entire Pesce Family

2-75 HHC Thank You

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Thank you. I speak for the 320 Rangers and Families of Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 20 Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in extending a heartfelt thank you to the Lead The Way Fund. Over the course of the last 18 months HHC has utilized many of the funds from donations provided by the Lead The Way Fund to support HHC Ranger Families. At each opportunity, I take the time to share the story of the Lead the Way Fund and its great cause, from which we directly benefit. I believe it is important for The Lead The Way Fund to know exactly how these funds assisted HHC Ranger Families, and the impact your organization has had on the Company’s well-being.

The Lead the Way Fund has made HHC a better company, and for that I am forever grateful. Please know that your contributions are neither taken for granted nor wasted, and that Sergeant Regan’s legacy shines bright through your continued efforts.



Brittanie Hawkins

Brittanie and Patrick Hawkins

My name is Brittanie, and I am the widow of a KIA Ranger from 3/75. I write today to share my personal account of how the Lead the Way Fund assisted me during the single most painful, upheaving, and tragic situation of my life.

Some of you may remember the budget sequestration that occurred in OCT 2013. It was during that time that that my husband, Patrick, and four of his comrades [Cody, Joe, Jenny, and Jany (K9)] were killed, as well as several other soldiers were severely injured. I remember well-meaning friends calling and asking “how are you going to pay for the funeral if the government is shutdown?!” In my shock and devastation, that was something that I hadn’t even thought about… However, I did not have to fret for long, as my CAO reassured me that a couple of Ranger charities had offered their assistance and that I should just focus my energy on healing. The Lead the Way Fund was one of those charities. They were there from the beginning and continue to be a source of support and strength for me to this very day. They made me rest assure that my husband would receive a dignified funeral, and that he would never be forgotten. Additionally, they also made sure that I was given peace of mind until I was able to get up on my feet.

When time passed and this tragedy ebbed from the minds of many, the Lead the Way Fund’s generosity and sincerity did not fade away. Every year they host Jimmy’s Run Down Hero Highway, a 4.5 mile Run/Walk/Stroll and celebratory brunch in New York City. All proceeds from the day go to support the families of our US Army Rangers who have been killed, disabled or are currently serving in harm’s way around the world. In conjunction with The American Fallen Soldiers Project, they present memorial portraits to the families of two Fallen Rangers. This year, two years after the boys’ death, they honored Patrick and Cody by hosting our families for this incredible, cathartic event. They were altruistic, respectful of our pain, and took care of absolutely everything.

The Lead the Way Fund has my full confidence, support, and appreciation. I find it most important to note that its founders, Jim and Mary Reagan, founded this organization in memory of their son, Jimmy, who was killed by an IED in Iraq in 2007. This charity exists to honor their son, and it exists to honor the Fallen as well as the Wounded. From the little time that I have spent with the Reagan’s, the love of their son is so palpable. They have channeled this devastating tragedy into a means of serving our community and making their son proud.



The B. Family

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

We wanted to thank you greatly for the amazing gift card you gave us for Christmas. It helped us provide the most amazing Christmas for our two daughters. Your thoughtfulness means the world to us. Our four year old told us this was the ‘best Christmas ever!’ which was the best present we could have received.

The holidays have been a bit more stressful since my husband was injured, not only monetarily but because the anniversary of his injury falls in December. Your love and support truly helped us have a wonderful holiday season. We can’t put into words how much it means to us and how grateful we are.

Thank you again.

The B. Family

Kyle & Taylor Emmons


Lead The Way Fund has been great to our family in the past two years since Kyle’s accidents. They have truly been there for us since day one and we couldn’t ask for a better organization to represent us. They are always keeping us informed with any information we need and always calling to make sure we are taken care of.

Lead the Way have truly gone above and beyond for us. After Kyle was released from the hospital, three months after his accident, he was still in a hospital bed at our apartment in San Antonio, Texas. The only way he was allowed to move to a normal bed was it had to be a tempur-pedic bed due to all the injuries on his bottom side. We had been on a wait list for almost two months waiting to get a bed. Lead the Way Fund called us and asked what we needed and we had a bed within 10 days of that phone call.

This last fall we were flown to New York City for the Lead the Way Fund Gala. We had an unbelievable experience and cannot thank this organization enough. They took care of our flights, our transportation, hotel, food, and even gave us spending money while in the city. The people we met on this trip were truly amazing and so supportive of this organization and what their goal is for our Rangers. Before the event Jim had a sit down interview with Kyle and it was so personal that I teared up watching. This organization truly cares for our Rangers and what happens after their accidents and even after their service.

Many other things they have contributed to us, is clothes, backpacks, duffel bags for travelling, and gift cards during the holidays. Lead the Way Fund has also discussed with Kyle and I about building our forever home. Even though we are not quite ready for our forever home we are truly thankful for this opportunity they have left open for us when the time is right. This organization has truly become family to us. We could not ask for anyone else to spend the time and money to get to know our story and our family on a personal basis. The contacts they have with each and every soldier they oversee is amazing and we can never thank them enough for the love they have shown us.

Kyle & Taylor Emmons

Ava Rousu

Ava & Phil Rousu


My husband was wounded in June 2015. We decided that since I wouldn’t be working during his treatment, and with the future of his health unknown, I should go back to school and finish my last couple prerequisites.  The next day, Lee Dougherty from Lead the Way Fund contacted us and handed us a check to cover our immediate financial needs and more.  Not only did Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund provide us with financial assistance, but it has provided us with lifelong friends and support in this difficult time in our lives.

Ava Rousu

Taylor Hargis

My name is Taylor Hargis and I am the proud wife of Joshua Hargis, a U.S. Army Ranger. My husband was severely injured while on deployment to Afghanistan in 2013. Before I was even reunited with my husband I was being handed a check from Lead The Way Fund to help with anticipated expenses to come. We were personally contacted and kept in touch with, to check our progress and to assure that we were taken care of. Lead The Way Fund has made it thier mission to take care of Rangers and Ranger families, my family has personally benefited from the generosity and genuine care of this incredible organization and it’s donors. We are so genuinely appreciative of all Lead The Way Fund has done for us, thank you is just not enough.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Aco 3-75

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Alpha Company Family Readiness Group over the last 6 months. The Lead The Way Fund continues to assist the Ranger Regiment and the Nation by delivering much needed funds that are critical to caring for our Rangers and their families.

With the amount of training and deployments that the Ranger Regiment executes it would be very challenging to fill the funding needs required to run our FRG programs. Your organization takes that burden from us and truly enables our Company to care for our Ranger families and ensure they receive the information and support they need.

Rangers Lead The Way!


Ranger M.

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

We greatly appreciate the selfless service and continuous contributions from your organization. Your support and care for our units is significant, and you help change lives and strengthen families.

Ranger M.

Dco 2/75

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

The Rangers of Delta Company, 2d Ranger Battalion wanted to extend our deepest gratitude for your unwaivering support and for your recent donation to the Family Readiness Group (FRG). The money is used to strengthen our unit readiness by keeping our families informed and prepared to support our Nation’s needs at any time.

Rangers Lead The Way!


Dco 2-75

Thank You From the R. Family

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Words cannot express the gratitude in receiving the extremely generous gift cards that you sent our family. You have blessed us immensely! You have enabled us to give our children the presents they wanted for Christmas. It is an honor and a blessing to receive this gift card in SGT Regan’s name. The support the Regan family has given to the Army Rangers is extraordinary!!! From the care packages for them and the monitary donations for their spouses and children and your continued support of the injured and Fallen Rangers and their families is awe inspiring! We are humbled by your dedication and commitment! Thank you and may God Bless all of you!


The R. Family

SPC B. Testimonial

Dear Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund,

I recently had the enormous pleasure handing out the gift cards that Lead The Way Fund donated to us. When I first found out that gift cards in the amount of $300 on each card would be donated I could hardly believe it.

I was not specifically part of the process of selecting the Rangers but I personally knew some of the ones that were chosen. I know that the money donated by the Lead The Way Fund was a true blessing to them and their families. The reactions of these hardened warriors was eye opening and it made me smile each time to realize how much they cared for their families and to imagine the burden that $300 would lift off their shoulders this Christmas for either their children or their family.

I was so impressed that I called some of my own family to tell them about your organization. Several of my family members were touched and came to the decision that they would begin to help donate to your organization. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out that both my mother and father already regularly donate.  I’m so happy to see that their are companies and organizations out there looking out for the soldiers and more importantly their families.

Again, I am just mind blown and truly impressed by the service that you’ve done to our 75th Ranger Regiment. Please continue to do what you do; know that you are appreciated by many and supported by even more.

Caitlin Dorgan Testimonial

Hawkins and Patterson Memorial


I decided to run this race for something bigger than myself, to honor those in the Ranger Regiment, their families and our fallen Rangers especially Spc. Cody Patterson, Sgt. Patrick Hawkins KIA October 2013.

Flashback to 2013: Their 18th combat rotation into a war zone since 2001, the Rangers of 3rd Battalion Ranger Regiment deployed to Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. On a mission not long into their deployment they unknowingly landed on a mine field. The occupants of the complex were aware of their arrival and willing to sacrifice themselves to kill as many US soldiers as possible. After suicide bombers and multiple IEDs went off, 4 US soldiers were killed and countless others were injured. The mission was a mass casualty. Yet, heroes emerged that night, from running through mine fields with complete disregard for their own safety to pull the injured out of harms way, provide life saving care on the battlefield, crawling on hands and knees to detect explosives in the dirt in order to get to those injured to flying back home with the fallen to return them to US soil and their families. That’s what these men did that night and the days following. That’s what makes them extraordinary.

Among those killed were Sgt Joseph Peters, 24, 1st Lt. Jennifer Moreno, 25, and 3rd Battalion Ranger Regiment soldiers Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, 25,  Spc Cody Patterson 24.

Since then 40 purple hearts, 1 Silver Star, 2 Distinguished Service Crosses(second only to the medal of honor), 11 Bonze Stars with Valor, and 18 Army Commendation Medals with Valor have been awarded to the soldiers from that night.

The Rangers of 3rd Battalion, Bravo Company, have not only become friends, but family to me and Gerard. The Ranger community is unlike any other group of people you will ever meet. From the first “Hello, nice to meet you,” they are there for you, today, tomorrow and always.

I ask you to consider making a donation of any size to this great foundation. You can be sure your money will go directly to those in the Ranger Regiment. I can’t thank you enough!


MOH Recipient SGT Leroy Petry

Medal of Honor Recipient SGT Leroy Petry shares his personal thoughts on Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund and the benevolent work we do on behalf of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

General Raymond T. Odierno

Odierno,Raymond T. - Chief of Staff of the Army



Dear Jim,

I wanted to thank you for the Lead The Way Fund decision to assist with travel for family members to Dover AFB for the dignified transfer of our Fallen service members. I know you are personally aware of the importance of these ceremonies for these families and how it honors the service and sacrifice of their Soldier. These are very turbulent times in our Nation. Our military is fortunate to have dedicated citizens like you that are always willing to go above and beyond in support of our troops.

We very much appreciate the continued support you and your family have given to our Soldiers, their families and our Army for so many years. Army Strong!


General Raymond T. Odierno
Chief of Staff, United States Army

COL Jay Bartholomees

Mr. Regan and Board Members of Lead The Way Fund,

Thanks so much for your financial contribution in support of our 40th Anniversary activities over 2-3 October 2014. Our Rangers, past and present, as well as our families had a great time at this event.

Thanks for all that LTWF does for Rangers and Families of 2d BN – your unwaivering support will always be appreciated.


LTC Jay Bartholomees, CDR 2/75 RGR

Delta Company, 2/75

Mr. Regan,

Thank you for everything that you do for our Rangers and their families. In my first Company Command at Fort Bliss our FRG struggled to do fundraisers to support even the most meager FRG events. With the help of the Lead The Way Fund, here in 2d Battalion, we can focus on more important tasks and truly support our Rangers and their families.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help from out here in the Pacific Northwest. I will gladly volunteer my time to aid in any way that I can.


Delta Company Commander

2D Ranger Battalion

I am writing on behalf of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and the 40th Anniversary Celebration event we had on our installation earlier this month.  We wanted to express our appreciation for the contribution you made to the American Lake Club in order for us to hold our Social Event.  The event proved to be a major success with over 400 former Rangers attending to reminisce, reacquaint, and just have fun.  This event was entirely made possible by your organization and we could never thank you enough.





2d Ranger Battalion 40th

2d Ranger Battalion 2d Ranger Battalion 40th

SGT Tom Block Testimonial



My name is Sgt Tom Block. I was injured October 5, 2013 in southern Afghanistan. The injuries that I suffered were the loss of my right eye, limited vision in my left eye, multiple shrapnel and burn wounds, a collapsed left lung, and a broken foot.  I was treated at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, MD for over a month, and the Lead the Way Fund was able to assist with transportation costs for my family to be there to support me during my recovery. When I finally returned to Fort Benning, I moved into a house because the barracks were not wheelchair accessible. The Lead the Way Fund was able to provide the means to set up a fence in the yard for my dog. They also supplied me with a TV that is large enough for me to see, which is set up to our computer and will allow me to complete my degree. And then again, when I was named the 2014 Military Times’ Soldier of the Year, the Lead the Way Fund was there to show support to one of its Rangers. I can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done over the past year.

God Bless America and Rangers Lead the Way!

MAJ (Ret.) John Slevin

Mr. Regan and Lead The Way Fund members,

I want to take the time to say thank you for all the tremendous work you have provided over the years for our beloved organization.

As the Physician Assistant for 2/75th, I got to see firsthand the immense impact your support provided our rangers and their families. The lifeline you provided for an often overburdened and failing system offered comfort in the most trying times.

I want you to know that all the hard work and dedication you have poured into this cause has made a huge impact on the lives of many. I again send a sincere thank you for all that you do.


John Slevin, MAJ (Retired)

LTC, U.S. Army, Commanding Officer Patrick J. Ellis

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for your superb effort during our recent deployment in support of “Operation Enduring Freedom.” The support you provided to the families of our Fallen Rangers proved to be the foundation for others to emulate. Every member of the 3d Ranger Battalion has expressed heartfelt gratitude in your assistance to our family members.

People speak of their patriotism and pride themselves on their devotion to this great nation, but you have demonstrated that your words are backed by your deeds. As Commander of the 3d Ranger Battalion, I thank you for your partnership with us in supporting these great American families!

Please accept my humble thanks and deep appreciation for your commitment to the Ranger family. Your actions inspire and fuel my confidence in the faithfulness and goodness of the American people in support of their troops.

Rangers Lead The Way!


Patrick J. Ellis
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Commanding Officer


A Co. 3/75

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Alpha Company, 3/75 Family Readiness Group. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for upcoming Pre-Deployment events.

Lead The Way Fund support continues to allow our Company the flexibility to host events commensurate to the service of our Rangers. We appreciate your support and friendship.

Rangers Lead The Way!

CPT Paul Rothlisberger
Commander, Alpha Company, 3d Ranger Battalion

George M. Morris, Major U.S. Army, Commanding Officer

Dear Lead The Way Fund,

Thank you very much for your recent donation to Headquarters & Headquarters Company 3/75 Family Readiness Group!

Your contribution to our FRG is greatly appreciated. Over the past year, we were able to have welcome home events, monthly company  barbeques, Ranger spouse and children events, and other much appreciated events that support the wellness of our company.

Thank you for your generosity. HHC is a large family and we value the assistance provided.

Rangers Lead The Way!


George M. Morris
Major, U.S. Army
Commanding Officer

Men of Bco

We just wanted to write to you and thank you for the packages that you have sent to us. It means so much more than just the items inside the boxes. We truly appreciate your incredible generosity and thoughtfulness. We continue to honor James’ memory by taking the fight to the enemy on a daily basis and taking care of our fellow Rangers in all of life’s aspects. Your patriotism will always inspire us as Rangers and the American people to continue to support the war effort for the sake of the men and women who are currently fighting it. Again, thanks does not begin to describe our gratitude for the actions you have taken and are taking to support us and our families. God Speed to you in all that you do.

-The Men of Bco.

SFC Scott Stetson 3/75

I want to personally thank you for your dedication and support. Know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers as we continue the road less taken. Your strength and support, care and kindness directly impacts us all within the Battalion and the Regiment.

May God Bless you in your lives. You all are my heroes and make our efforts so much sweeter.

Thank You!
SFC S. 3/75

SSG Dominic Annecchini

On 16 May 2012, I was shot in the head while trying to rescue a wounded Afghan Special Operations Soldier.  The Lead the Way Foundation has helped me and my family with lodging, and other expenses when I was in the hospital.  They have been there for me and my family every time we have needed them.  Please help me give something back to this great organization.
– SSG A.

Lisa Vos, 2/75 FRSA

I dove headfirst into Department of Defense and Army Regulations as well as Joint Ethics laws when I began working as a Family Readiness Support Assistant. I was surprised and disheartened to discover how severely restricted fiscal activities, particularly fund raising, had become for Family Readiness Groups. FRGs were not only severely restricted but also have no way to ask for help.

Family Readiness Groups are only allowed to raise funds from within their military community. They must compete against each other for prime fund raising opportunities and there is always paperwork involved. Frequently the process is so frustrating that many FRGs make the decision not to fundraise in the military community.

This leaves FRGs with one community in which to fund raise: their unit. How demoralizing to have to raise funds from the people you are serving in order to provide decent morale–boosting activities. A vicious circle; selling blankets, baked goods, jewelry, cups, candy grams…anything to interest the men and women to spend money. So much work for so very little reward.

Then something amazing happened. Something that has brought hope, vitality, and a much-needed moral boost to the men and women here. The unit was approached by a benevolent organization (Lead The Way Fund, Inc.) that wanted to assist the men and their families. After many legal reviews and meetings, support for the FRGs began to arrive.

Many FRG’s were hesitant to use the resources at first. With guidance, encouragement and assurance, FRGs began to make plans. The FRGs were and are able to plan events such as trips to the zoo, outings for spouses during deployments, trips to soccer and baseball games, many holiday events, welcome home celebrations, volunteer appreciation, and so much more.

I cannot fully convey the importance of these activities in a letter or article. I will tell you that, without the opportunities that are now available, life for families would be much harder. Morale would drop drastically. I wish that you could see the comfort and relief that Lead The Way Fund, Inc. support provides to FRGs and leadership, as I do.

Lead The Way Fund, Inc. support is invaluable to the health of the unit and its families. Their efforts and their desire to serve our nation’s heroes reflect greatly upon them. I thank them from the deepest parts of my being for their unwavering support to the men and women of 2d Ranger Battalion.

Rangers Lead The Way!

-2/75 Family Readiness Assistant

3d Battalion Executive Officer Doyle

Thank you for sending packages to the Rangers deployed to Afghanistan. We received three tremendously large boxes at our location and shared them with all of the Rangers who work here. Many of them are newly assigned to the unit so I took the time to explain who James was and what he meant to our unit. I also explained what your family and organization are doing for Rangers and their families.

Your generosity lets these men know that people at home care, and the timing of these gifts is particularly heartening. Some of our Rangers will be away from home for their first Thanksgiving and Christmas, so these gestures mean a great deal.

As a professional soldier, I admire your family and your willingness to turn your loss into something that helps so many others. Your family represents everything that makes our Nation worth defending and your kindness in spite of great suffering gives me hope for our future.

Please accept my gratitude on behalf of the men of 3d Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan.

3d Battalion Executive Officer D.

LTC 1/75

On behalf of the Rangers of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, thank you for your generous contributions to our unit while deployed in support of the Global War on Terror. We are humbled by your support in memory of SGT James J. Regan who honorably served our nation.

The Lead The Way Fund, the Regan Family, and the community of Manhasset, NY continue to provide inspiration and a small taste of home to deployed Rangers in combat. Our Rangers share the same enthusiasm for the items that SGT Regan enjoyed himself. Your desire to serve is a reflection of the spirit and patriotism which makes this great Nation strong, and serves as an example for our young Rangers.

Your contributions in honor of SGT James J. Regan do credit to your organization, the Regan Family and the community of Manhasset, NY. Your thoughts and prayers for teh Rangers of 1st Ranger Battalion are greatly appreciated as we continue our fight against the enemies of this great Nation!

Rangers Lead The Way!

– LTC 1/75

Ranger Special Troops Battalion

In appreciation for your continued support of the Regimental Special Troops Battalion. Thank you for your generous contributions to our Ranger families. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your contributions to support the Rangers and their families.

-The Rangers, NCO’s and Officers of the Special Troops Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment

C Co 1/75 Family Readiness Group

Charlie Company, from within the 1st Ranger Battalion, would like to fully extend our true thankfulness and appreciation for the generous donation that you have made to our Company’s Family Readiness Group. Our Company has worked hard throughout the last year, holding many Company fundraisers with the hopes to raise enough funds so that we may provide positive activities and events for the families within our Company. We can honestly say that without your gracious donation, we would not have been able to provide the amount of morale events within the past year that we did; and we are completely humbled by your generosity and kindness.

Because of your donation, we have been able to provide numerous events for the wives and family members of our Rangers during the multiple deployments that are experienced as “routine” among Ranger families. Our Company FRG has been able to extend invitations to family dinners, seasonal festivities and other social events that help to create a sense of “normalcy” during a very abnormal time for so many within our Company. The Fall Festival that we held during deployment helped to bring together wives and children for fun activities, as well as create an opportunity for the social and emotional bonding that is crucial during times of deployment and separation from our loved ones. The monthly dinners that we have been able to provide help to bring together the wives within our Company and have ultimately helped to create friendships that will last not only during deployments, but for a lifetime.

We have also been able to utilize the funds that you and the Lead The Way Fund have donated in order to send our condolences to family members of our Fallen Rangers. Throughout this past year, we have experience a tremendous amount of compassion towards the families of the three Rangers that our own Company has lost: SSG Kevin Pape, SGT Martin Lugo and SPC Christopher Wright; and it has been through the use of your donation that we have been able to express our emotions and support through the purchasing of flowers and personal gifts for these incredible families.

I do not feel as though we will ever be able to express, through words, what your generous donation has been able to afford us; but we can honestly say that the opportunities that we have been able to offer our Ranger families would not have been possible without the presence of your donation and the presence of your kindness and compassion. Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you do for the families of Rangers; your continuous gifts help to create bonds, experiences and memories that strengthen us both as individuals and as a whole within the entire Ranger Family.


Charlie Company Family Readiness Group – 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

E Co., 3/75

I wanted to take this time to formally thank you, your family, and the Lead The Way Fund for your generous contributions to the E Co. Ranger family. Your contributions have allowed the E Co. Family to build a stronger bond amongst each other, but more importantly provide a heartfelt appreciation to the men and women for their hard work as a Support Company for the Best Battalion in the United States Army. We are blessed and thankful to have you and your organization in our lives and we don not take your actions for granted, nor treat them as an expectation, but rather a wonderful gesture and unmatched commitment you have to not only our Ranger family, but the entire Ranger family, most importantly the Gold Star Family members who have given their son in support of our cause and will NEVER be forgotten. It is people like yourself and your family that make the Ranger Regiment the greatest organization in the world and an honor to be a part of. I just hope that E Co. can continue to make you proud and hold the selflessness value that you entrust in us and personally exercise daily! Always remember that your son holds a special place in our hearts and WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN…it is men like him that I thank God for bringing into this world to set a standard and an expectation of what a complete Ranger, Leader and Man needs to resemble for others to follow! Again, your contributions are of the highest level of generosity and selfless service and are appreciated at all levels of our our Ranger family. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO.


Echo Company, 3/75