Ambassador Program

While it has always been our mission to help as many Rangers in need as possible, we recognize that this is a feat we cannot accomplish on our own. As a Ranger, spouse or family member who has benefited from our support through the years, your assistance as a facilitator on this journey will be invaluable to us and to the families who might not be aware of our resources or are hesitant to ask for help.

Thank you for wanting to pay it forward, we know your involvement will make a huge impact.

If you are interested in becoming and Ambassador or would like to learn more, please click here to fill out our form.


SFC (Ret.) Cory Remsburg

SGT (Ret.) James Knuppenburg

CPT Ben Hunter

SSG (Ret.) Travis Dunn

1SG David White

CPT (Ret.) Justin Clark

SGT (Ret.) Tom Block 

Mike Gallo 

SSG (Ret.) Jason Davis 


Melissa & Colin Vogeler

Letitia Williams 

Amelia & Anneka Pape 


Jack Sims

Matthew Stark 

Anthony Taylor