Wounded Ranger Recovery Program

Through this program, we work closely with United States Special Operations Command  Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) and Unit Command as we take a comprehensive approach to identifying and supporting the severely wounded Ranger during all phases of their recovery process.

When our wounded, ill or injured Rangers return from combat, the severity of their injuries are often to the degree that their disabilities prevent them and their families from being able to fully support themselves. The care provided by the government is often limited and insufficient to support their needs. LTWF provides ongoing support, from the moment of injury, through the short and long-term recovery, rehabilitation and transition process. Starting with an immediate financial grant of $5,000 for Rangers that are wounded in action or during training, and to the families of Rangers who have been Killed in Action.

If a spouse or additional family members need to be at the bedside of their loved one, we ensure that the travel costs, accommodations (including extended stay), child care and expenses are covered so there is no added financial or emotional stress. If the Ranger suffers a setback during his recovery process that requires additional hospitalization and therapies, LTWF will provide additional grants, determined by Care Coalition, to the family so there is no financial shortfall. With the ongoing challenge of service members developing post-traumatic stress, LTWF is committed to ensuring that they have the resources necessary to receive the proper medical treatment.

For our Rangers who have suffered more severe injuries such as paralysis or amputations, LTWF provides the support for modified vehicles and builds/modifies mortgage-free, accessible smart homes. These “Homes That Heal” are custom built to include the specific adaptive equipment necessary to support the specific needs of each Ranger.