Thank you for sending packages to the Rangers deployed to Afghanistan. We received three tremendously large boxes at our location and shared them with all of the Rangers who work here. Many of them are newly assigned to the unit so I took the time to explain who James was and what he meant to our unit. I also explained what your family and organization are doing for Rangers and their families.

Your generosity lets these men know that people at home care, and the timing of these gifts is particularly heartening. Some of our Rangers will be away from home for their first Thanksgiving and Christmas, so these gestures mean a great deal.

As a professional soldier, I admire your family and your willingness to turn your loss into something that helps so many others. Your family represents everything that makes our Nation worth defending and your kindness in spite of great suffering gives me hope for our future.

Please accept my gratitude on behalf of the men of 3d Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan.

3d Battalion Executive Officer D.