Dear Lead The Way Fund, 

Thank you for the check I recently received from the Fund, covering my rental car expense while at JBLM in Tacoma, WA at my Ranger son’s bedside. He was receiving medical care at Madigan Medical Center from December 2 – December 18th. 

My son, SSG Roderick Coday, was wounded in a close combat situation in Afghanistan on November 24th, it was his 5th deployment. He was shot in his right dominant hand. He still has all his fingers and his thumb, but the damage to his hand was severe. 

Thankfully, he’s going to be fine long term. He’s undergone 8 surgeries to date including a skin graft and bone graft, and he’s finally on the road to recovery. He has up to a year of rehab ahead of him but I know he’ll attack it with the same focus and dedication that being a Ranger has taught him. His surgeon anticipates he will regain about 85%-90% function in the hand and thumb. We’re extremely grateful that his injuries weren’t more severe and that he is alive and on the mend. 

Your very generous donation during this very stressful time eased my mind considerably. I made a second trip back to WA two weeks ago to take care of him after his final surgery. Your kind donation really helped to defray the considerable unanticipated travel expense. 

The Fund also provided my son with a generous donation right after he was wounded; that money helped him with unanticipated living expenses as he got settled back at JBLM.  I believe he thanked the founder of the Fund in person by phone, but I wanted to express my appreciation as well, it really made a difference for him. 

Rangers Lead The Way!

Melissa Coday