Dear Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund,

I recently had the enormous pleasure handing out the gift cards that Lead The Way Fund donated to us. When I first found out that gift cards in the amount of $300 on each card would be donated I could hardly believe it.

I was not specifically part of the process of selecting the Rangers but I personally knew some of the ones that were chosen. I know that the money donated by the Lead The Way Fund was a true blessing to them and their families. The reactions of these hardened warriors was eye opening and it made me smile each time to realize how much they cared for their families and to imagine the burden that $300 would lift off their shoulders this Christmas for either their children or their family.

I was so impressed that I called some of my own family to tell them about your organization. Several of my family members were touched and came to the decision that they would begin to help donate to your organization. I didn’t know it at the time but it turns out that both my mother and father already regularly donate.  I’m so happy to see that their are companies and organizations out there looking out for the soldiers and more importantly their families.

Again, I am just mind blown and truly impressed by the service that you’ve done to our 75th Ranger Regiment. Please continue to do what you do; know that you are appreciated by many and supported by even more.