Follow The Remodeling of SFC Cory Remsburg’s New Home!

Thanks to the continual support of our dedicated supporters, Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund was proudly able to purchase our first home in Arizona for severely wounded Ranger SFC (RET) Cory Remsburg. In collaboration with Jared Allen’s Home 4 Wounded Warriors, which has been a wonderful partnership, we will be able to give Cory the independent life he has longed for since he sustained his life-altering injuries in 2009.

Please join us and follow the the progress as Jared Allen and his team work hard to make Cory’s dream a reality as they remodel the home to make it completely ADA accessible for him.

To read the full announcement on the collaboration between Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund and Jared Allen’s Homes 4 Wounded Warriors click the link below.

Cory Remsburg Home Announcement Final


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House Demo Stage 4

Front Entry Way

Front Entry way

Front (Side Look) – All new landscaping planned

Front side look -  all new landscaping planned

Great Room and Kitchen area

Great room and kitchen area

Great Room view from new kitchen

Great room looking at new kitchen and windows

New Guest House foundation being planned…

new guest house foundation being planned

Pool and Jacuzzi ready to be poured…

Pool and Jacuzzi getting ready to be poured

Workout room, closet and extending wall for shower and steam room

Workout room, closet and extending wall for shower and steam room

House Demo Stage 3

Cory Home 1 Cory Home 2 cory home 3 Cory Home 4 Cory Home 5 COry Home 6 cory home 7 cory home 8


Cory Home front entrance remodel Cory Home great room remodel Cory Home kitchen remodel Cory Home pool layout from back view Cory Home pool layout from front view Cory Home pool piping .


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DSC_1080 DSC_1099 DSC_1100 DSC_1102 DSC_1112 DSC_1115 DSC_1118 DSC_1119

Cory Fireplace IMG_1617 IMG_1622 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1659 IMG_1661 IMG_1666 Outside house 2

Second Annual Veterans’ Day Event: A Run Down Hero Highway


Needless to say Jimmy did it again! The spirit of “Regs” and his brothers in arms brought over 650 people to the west side of Manhattan on November 16, 2008 for the 2nd annual “A Run Down Hero Highway.” Some 5 days after Veterans Day we descended on the sacred ground near Ground Zero and Lady Liberty and took off on a 4.5 mile “fun/run” with nothing but smiles and strides of pride. In addition to friends, families and notable patriots who were with us last year, the 2nd annual run drew countless supporters from the 75th Ranger Regiment, FDNY, NYPD, The West Point Lacrosse Team, a Royal Marine and various other veterans groups. This was a patriotic display for the ages.



The day was started with introductory remarks from Jim Regan followed by a legendary rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America from Joey Horrowitz. This year we were sent off by Fire 1, the NY Fire Boat, which showered red, white and blue water cannons into the Hudson to celebrate the occasion. Runners and walkers of all shapes, sizes and ages took to the path donning the #10 race day tee-shirt and patriotic costumes galore. Congratulations to Ben Fenton for winning the best costume award! Ben was awarded a flag that was flown over the United States Capitol the day before the run, in honor of Jimmy Regan. The flag came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Stephen T. Ayers, AIA (Acting Architect of the Capitol). Post run we had another blow-out celebration at the Chelsea Brewery where Joey provided live music entertainment and we toasted to Jimmy and the protectors of our Country. This year the press caught wind and News Channel 11 captured the moments with live feed and interviews that were aired on the evening news.



We can’t thank enough all the supporters who joined us for this occasion. Over the last two years, “A Run Down Hero Highway” has raised close to $50,000 for the Lead the Way Fund and the families of our fallen or disabled Army Rangers. This event, which serves to capture the spirit and reach of Jimmy Regan’s legacy will happen every year around Veterans Day and will continue to grow in depth and enjoyment for all who are involved. We would like to give special thanks to Jamie Brodsky, Daniel Roediger, Keating Crown, Andrew Stroud, Daniel Hauber and Chris Haunss for their tireless efforts to making this day a success. We would also like to thank Alison Haunss and the News Channel 11 team, Scott Rosenzweig and Matt Zash from the Lax Hut for their sponsorship and tee-shirts, Joey Horrowitz, Mary McHugh, The Regan Family, The Hotarek Family, Bob Petersen, Bob Smith and all of the other volunteers who helped make this day so special.


Please be on the look out for details of the 3rd annual “A Run Down Hero Highway!”

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First Annual Veterans’ Day Event: A Run Down Hero Highway


A few weeks before Veteran’s Day several of Jimmy’s Duke lacrosse teammates decided to remember Jimmy by having a run alongside the Westside Highway in Manhattan. The idea quickly evolved into the “Run Down Hero’s Highway” and on November 11th, over 400 people gathered to run 4 miles in memory of Jimmy and in support of the Lead the Way Fund. Jamie Brodsky, Keating Crown, Drew Stroud, Dan Hauber, and Daniel Roediger truly organized a wonderful event. As everyone arrived, they were given t-shirts and race numbers, #10, Jimmy’s number when he played at Duke. Everyone had been invited to participate in the most patriotic costume contest for the run and so we were joined by Uncle Sam, an American Eagle, and two Captain America’s, as well as several other red, white, and blue costumes. Before the run, Jim Regan addressed the crowd reminding everyone of the example Jimmy had set serving our country as well as the needs of the Rangers who continue to serve. Special thanks to Joey Horowitz as he played a very moving rendition of God Bless America and the race began. A few trailblazer’s led the way and everyone followed along the race route. The route traveled down the Hudson River Park, past Ground Zero with a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. This hallowed ground of lower Manhattan on West St., affectionately deemed “Hero Highway” as many people used this rout to escape the 9/11 attack on our country. The youngest participant of the race was Jimmy’s four week old cousin, Molly Regan, traveling by stroller. Dan Hauber, one of the race organizers, must have run at least 8 miles as he continually doubled back to join different groups of runners in order to make sure everyone was having a fun time. Even more impressive, the previous weekend he completed the NYC marathon (also in memory of Jimmy.) After the race the crowd gathered for a group picture and then moved quickly out of the cold into the warmth of the Brass Monkey for breakfast and song with entertainment provided by Joey Horowitz. What a special day!


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