Tariq Cherradi of 1st Ranger Battalion has been accepted to Columbia University for the fall semester of 2017. Upon enrollment, Cherradi will be pursuing a degree in Computer Science. His acceptance to Columbia comes after months of working with Lead The Way Fund’s Collegiate Access Program (CAP).

Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund’s CAP, in collaboration with its partner organizations, was organized to provide Rangers interested in advanced education with the resources and insight to navigate the process of selecting and applying to these colleges.

In addition to his participation in CAP, Cherradi also attended the Warrior-Scholar Project’s (WSP) STEM course hosted by Harvard and MIT. The goal of WSP’s STEM course is to help develop key fundamental mathematical and scientific reasoning skills, which Cherradi says he will use as he transitions into his Computer Science curriculum.

Cherradi, who is an avid outdoorsman, has expressed an eagerness to join campus groups such as the Columbia Ski & Snowboard Club and the Columbia White Water Kayak Club. He also plans to join the New York Drone User Group, which is a community organization for amateur and professional drone operators seeking to promote responsible use of drone technology.

In light of his upcoming enrollment, Cherradi has stated that he will continue to rely on the academic services of CAP as he advances toward his goal of a degree from Columbia.

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