Fundraising How-to

Now that you’ve registered with Lead The Way Fund and are beginning to train for your event, it’s time to start focusing on fundraising. With help from our friends at, and some tips and tools from a variety of other resources, you’ll be on your way in no time.



Start your fundraising today!


People will want to be a part of your efforts. Talk to people; tell them what you’re doing. People will want to be a part of your effort and they will want to support you! Give them the opportunity. Let them be a part of your efforts.


If you don’t ask for a donation you won’t get a donation. Ask everyone you know; ask everyone you don’t know. The more people you ask, the more times you ask, the more money you will raise.


Plan your fundraising. The hardest part of fundraising is getting started. Devising a fundraising plan will make this much easier and will also help you set achievable and measurable goals.


Why are you participating. People join Lead The Way Fund for many different reasons. Take a moment to think about why you’ve decided to join the team. Keep it in mind. Share this reason with other people, and let them feel a connection.


Send thank you notes. They are a great way to show your appreciation and make it easier to secure repeat donors.

Firstgiving is our premier fundraising engine.  If you are an athlete in one of our events be sure to read our Firstgiving Primer.




Facebook, Twitter, blogging – sure, you may dabble in social media, but use them as a tool? Yep. It’s actually extremely easy and beneficial to use these social media outlets to spread the word about your fundraising campaign. Having your FirstGiving page linked on these outlets is an open invitation to all potential donors, such as friends of friends or people you may have been too timid to ask for donations.


Facebook is a great way to catch up with old friends, let them know what you are up to, and tell them you are supporting Lead The Way Fund. It’s easy to post information about your fundraising efforts in your status or to add the FirstGiving application to your Facebook page. Check out FirstGiving’s help page on Facebook. And don’t forget to tell people about Lead The Way Fund’s own Facebook page.



Blogging is a very easy way to update your friends and family on your training and fundraising goals. Blogs are faster and easier to create and update than web sites, and they can keep your donors aware of where their money is going.



Lead The Way Fund participants have used many types of event to boost their fundraising campaigns.  One popular fundraiser these days is a party at a local restaurant or bar, where attendees buy a ticket or make a goodwill offering in support of the cause. These events often include a raffle or other activity that results in additional donations. Want some ideas for unique fundraising events? Check out the links in the Resources section below.




There is a wealth of information available to help you fundraiser efficiently and effectively. Here are a few online resources offering tips and tools that can help you reach your fundraising goal.