Columbia University Students Volunteer in Support of LTWF

MANHASSET, N.Y., AUGUST 7, 2017— Students from Columbia University showed their support for the veteran community by volunteering their time at the most recent Lead The Way Fund Benefit Gala.

Like many other Columbia students, Jasmine Chen and Elizabeth Hiss volunteered their time and efforts to ensure the success of the Gala. Chen, a Political Science major with aspirations of a career in Corporate Law, spent hours helping with the preparations for the Gala. And Hiss, who recently accepted a position as an analyst with Brown Advisory board after graduating with a dual degree in Economics and Political Science, also played a significant role in the setup and scheduling of the event. While helping with the gala, they also had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Brian Mast.

“Columbia produces some of the best minds of each generation, so it was great to see the next generation of future leaders come out to support their active duty Rangers and veterans,” said Myles, who is himself a graduate student at Columbia and a veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

The critical role these students played in helping to organize the volunteers for this fundraising event, and showing up strong to lend a hand during the event, testifies to the growing connectivity between the Columbia student body and not only Army Rangers, but also the broader veteran community. Lead The Way Fund thanks each and every one of these students for demonstrating their support for those who have served and are continuing to serve our country.