2015 SGT James J. Regan Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
Ranger Special Operations Combat Medics (68 Whiskey – Whiskey 1) “Docs”
Ranger Special Operations Combat Medics are affectionately called “Doc” by the men. This is an exclusive group of men who, in addition to all the Special Operations tactical training they receive in order to become an elite Army Ranger, they volunteer, qualify and are selected, for an extensive 9-12 months (36 weeks is the standard length of the SOCM course, 12 months would be if you recycle) of additional Combat Medic training.  With their ‘Service before Self’ motto, these men have saved many lives, several of whom will be in attendance that evening. A unique aspect about the Ranger medics is that he must volunteer for and pass 5 separate stages: Basic Training/Advanced Individual Training, Airborne, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, Pre-Special Operations Combat Medical training, Special Combat Medical training. In order to be assigned to the unit he must have completed each phase which is 80 total weeks of training. Once assigned to the unit, Ranger medics are continually assessed and trained in order to validate their ability to perform to the stringent requirements of the 75th Ranger Regiment and the United States Special Operations Command.  
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