COL Jay Bartholomees

Mr. Regan and Board Members of Lead The Way Fund,

Thanks so much for your financial contribution in support of our 40th Anniversary activities over 2-3 October 2014. Our Rangers, past and present, as well as our families had a great time at this event.

Thanks for all that LTWF does for Rangers and Families of 2d BN – your unwaivering support will always be appreciated.


LTC Jay Bartholomees, CDR 2/75 RGR

Delta Company, 2/75

Mr. Regan,

Thank you for everything that you do for our Rangers and their families. In my first Company Command at Fort Bliss our FRG struggled to do fundraisers to support even the most meager FRG events. With the help of the Lead The Way Fund, here in 2d Battalion, we can focus on more important tasks and truly support our Rangers and their families.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help from out here in the Pacific Northwest. I will gladly volunteer my time to aid in any way that I can.


Delta Company Commander

2D Ranger Battalion

I am writing on behalf of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and the 40th Anniversary Celebration event we had on our installation earlier this month.  We wanted to express our appreciation for the contribution you made to the American Lake Club in order for us to hold our Social Event.  The event proved to be a major success with over 400 former Rangers attending to reminisce, reacquaint, and just have fun.  This event was entirely made possible by your organization and we could never thank you enough.





2d Ranger Battalion 40th

2d Ranger Battalion 2d Ranger Battalion 40th