Gold Star Wives with Dependent Children Program

Gold Star Wives with Dependent Children Program – When a Ranger has paid the ultimate sacrifice, whether in combat or in training, Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund believes there is a moral obligation to support the dependents of these Heroes. Through this program we can ensure that the essential necessities of these Gold Star families go uninterrupted. We are proud to stand with them.

Wounded Ranger Recovery & Warrior Transition Program

Through this program, we work closely with United States Special Operations Command Care Coalition and Unit Command as we take a comprehensive approach to identifying and supporting the severely wounded Ranger during all phases of their recovery process.

Wounded Ranger Recovery & Transition Program

  • Wounded Warrior Grant: Immediate financial support of $3500 for Rangers that are wounded in action or during training.
  • Warrior Transition – assist the Ranger with financial needs such as housing, internships, job placement as they transition, and face the challenges, from Military back to Civilian life.
  • Homes that Heal: Our most costly initiative, home building and modification for our more severely wounded Rangers.

Honor The Fallen Relay Run

Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund would like to thank all of the volunteers from the SGT Patrick Gass AUSA Subchapter, serving the 2D Ranger Battalion, for their participation in the ‘Honor The Fallen Relay Run,’ July 28-29.  A special thank you to CPT Max Ferguson, of 2/75, for devoting his personal time to organizing this incredibly well-executed fundraising event on our behalf.  The event was a huge success and the money raised from will serve his “Brothers” and their families well.

The 168-mile relay run honored Fallen Rangers from the 2D Battalion and the family they left behind. It was a tremendous community event that had great participation from a wide variety of people.  This significant feat could not have been accomplished without the many community efforts that brought it all together, and we thank you all for your efforts, involvement and support!


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